January is the month most people are allowed to feel depressed at work. There is even an assigned day. But perhaps many workers, especially ‘Marzipan Managers’ as I call them (stuck below the leadership icing) feel depressed at work on more than just one day, or one month. Many are suffering from a lack of productivity, which is enough to make anyone depressed – their bosses, shareholders, customers, and themselves. Whilst the UK private sector is growing – between 0.5% and 0.7% according to Q4 figures from 2012 published by the current British Government – actual productivity, that is output, is not. British working output is way behind G7 counterparts, oodles behind Americans. Why? Well, think about it. How many of them enjoy what they do? Feel stimulated? Engaged? I think many many managerial workers in what we grandly call ‘The Knowledge Economy’ actually feel isolated, endangered, bored much of the time. They watch their bosses network in ‘The Global Green Room’ of Davos but they are discouraged from face-to-face networking, even social networking, as if somehow engaging with people and ideas which may yield long term results not bottom line quarter-led results is only for their ‘Leaders’. It’s time to re-engage and grow the existing economy of workers as well as worrying about creating new jobs. Let’s increase the ‘output’ of people by letting them like their day jobs more.