Slow is the new fast. The last six months have seen a series of media articles about overcoming overload, tuning out, ┬átrying to relax. Hot Yoga has become cool because we all need to “Chillax”. Except we cannot. The level of sensory bombardment we all experience has increased exponentially. Everyone who works is connected, perma-connected (as in permeated and permanently) to the internet, to a mobile, to a network of some kind. This means we have to consciously choose to tune out otherwise we stay, like a television or computer, switched on. Yet we crave rest and sleep. We learn that research shows sleep literally washes the brain of its toxins which build hourly. What is the solution? ┬áCounting. Count the hours in a day: 24. Multiply by 7: 168. Divide by three: a third to sleep, a third to live as in dress, wash, eat, and a third to work. That is 56 hours of each. Not a lot. But that should focus the mind.