The clock ticks towards the calendar end of the year. Time dominates the waking thoughts of working people: Not having enough of it, spending it productively. In fact, the American consumer – about as good a bellweather as any – is reported to have spent a 119% increase on productivity apps in just a year – you know: PocketList, Wunderlist etc.

Time hurtles forwards and yet goes backwards: New research shows that the more time we spend online (billed as the great time-saver it has often become the great time waster) the less fulfilled we feel.

And time stops: Each year we mourn the passing of those we love whose lives end suddenly, or predictably, or brutally, or slowly. But no amount of futurism can extend life beyond a certain point.

So we live with the promise and expectation of infinity but we cope with limit: The twenty four hour day is, stripped of time to sleep and eat and do living things which cannot easily be combined with multi-tasking the 168 hour week shrinks to around 60 hours of *productivity* at a push.

So I say this as the year winds down to a close and the offices around the world and the schools all contemplate a tiny bit of time which is “off” for the holidays: Spend your time wisely. Use your time to feel engaged, energised, helpful, hopeful, and productive: Because time marches on. And then it ends.